Daily Burst from the Bubble

Showcasing officials in the NBA Bubble like never seen before

We will be taking one play or series of events from one playoff game each day and…

  • Providing a first look at how some of the most difficult play calls are made under pressure
  • Uncovering what goes through each official’s head before, during and after a call is made
  • Conveying the play call/violation, itself, and detailing why the call was called
  • Documenting officials’ journeys to the NBA bubble during one of the most historic times in sports history
  • Dissecting the officials’ calls and providing detailed action steps to how you, as an official, can learn and use this information in your next game
  • Giving you the ability to ask questions and engage with us. If you disagree, let us know why. We’re all trying to improve our games and skill sets!

Each Burst from the Bubble will go into detail regarding three aspects.

  1. Mechanics & Positioning
  2. Play Calling
  3. Game Management & Communication

After watching the film and understanding what occurred, we will provide action steps as to how you can personally use this information for your benefit as you gear up for next season; whether it be your high school season, collegiate season, professional season or if you’re just watching your 8-year-olds play ball in the driveway.

The Daily Burst from the Bubble series will provide a platform and environment to ask questions about how the referee handled themselves, along with handling and managing the game. Would you have done anything differently? What did you like about the call and the way the ref communicated the call?

Most importantly, what can you learn and apply to your own game?

Let’s all get better together!