It was such a joy to find the Crown Refs page! Officiating is such a unique avocation and no one really knows what officiating entails unless you actually do it. All of the content is relevant, very well articulated, and the knowledge you gain is insurmountable! I encourage officials, whether beginner or vet, to join this page to learn or contribute in any way possible. Thank you Paul for doing something so many others aspired to do!

– Brandon Witherspoon
Grand Rapids, MI

I’ve been on @CrownRefs for about 2 months now and it is exactly what I have been looking for in a learning tool. The podcasts are perfect to listen to while i’m driving to my games to get my mind ready. What really keeps me coming back daily is the response suggestions to coaches. As a new official it helps me build my arsenal for maintaining credibility. Im grateful to have such a great tool to increase my knowledge of the game.

– Nicole Robinson
Greenburgh, NY

Crown Refs has been and will continue to be part of my daily officiating resources. From cplis to the podcast to the YouTube videos. Seeing hearing and understanding how different people handle different situations. Since the beginning of crown refs I have been on the court where a situation has happened and can remember saying to my self you just hadled that the crown refs way or every game I work I implement something I have learned from crown refs. The biggest impact has been tips to communicate.

– Matthew Krause
Lawrence, KS

Crown Refs should be part of EVERY officials repertoire. The passion for the game and feedback that comes from here is invaluable. The podcast on the way to games is the perfect way to get out and officiate the best game possible! It has put my perspective of the game truly back onto focus when I am officiating which is to #ServeTheGame.

– Marvin Harris Jr.
Sandersville, GA

I just wanted to share with you that I’ve been listening to your podcast and it helped me prepare for my first camp! I am an official out of New Mexico, did a regional camp out on by assigner. With that being said I used a lot of valuable information obtained from your podcast. Thank you very much for doing what you’re doing for officials.

– Michael Roybal
New Mexico

Crown Refs has been a great addition to my repertoire and the constant knowledge and feedback that is shared is priceless. I wish it would of came out sooner. I look forward to every episode of the podcast and its something that every official should be a part of and recomment to everyone they know in the reffing community.

– Jorge Martinez
Brentwood, NY

These camp videos are pretty much my basketball bible until camp. Great content fellas!

– Anthony Hill
Plantation, FL

Crown refs is an incredible resource that all officials at every level should be using. Having the ability to communicate with officials from all over the world is a great way to learn ideas and philosophies that you might not have in your local area. I have gained some very valuable tools to put into my game and has made me a much better official because of it. Officiating is not about the individual, it is about collectively growing.

– Matt Goble
Halifax, Nova Scotia