Bo Boroski – Summaries

Bo Boroski – Summaries



1. Bio

a. Got started in college at age 22

b. High school assignor got a d1 assignor job

c. Got opportunity to be D1 rather quickly

d. Got breaks along the way

e. Worked 1st NCAA game in 2007, done 12 years

f. Most memorable NCAA Game was N.Iowa v. Texas (upset) last sec shot

g. Also worked the final 4 in 2019


a. Told on Monday, that I was getting a game in Final Four

b. The time went by so fast

c. NCAA treated us great, 1st class

d. Never been in the venue before

e. Once the ball goes up, it’s just another game

f. When we walked off court, we got high 5s, hugs

g. People are waiting for mistakes & put a negative light on officials

h. We didn’t give them the opportunity to do that

i. Survive the day


a. Had the 1st game of the Final Four

b. He made a call in the corner

c. It was 100% the correct call

d. But the media picked apart the game for negative spin


a. Must have feel for the game

b. Don’t have to sell every call

c. Some calls need to be sold — 50/50 calls — have feel for it

d. Sell calls at the spot

e. Don’t sell calls at spot & at table (don’t rub it in)


a. Small staff of 60 guys

a. Rotate the lower 10% every year

b. 73 refs competed for 6 spots

c. Who should I take?

d. My job — find the best officials available

e. Must be honest

f. It is all subjective, which makes it so hard

g. Tell guys — I have other guys better than you

h. He puts himself at risk when putting you out there


a. Hard work guarantees you nothing

b. But without hard work, you have no shot

c. DEMAND honest feedback from your supervisors

d. Get open line of communication with your supervisors

e. Give guys their ratings

1. Rate on communication

2. Rate on presence — Must win perception battle — presence / lose weight

3. Rate on play calling — must get plays right

f. People who think they didn’t have any problems think they are good

g. Tough to differentiate between referees

h. Be the best at the level you are

i. We all think we are better than our peers

j. Cannot advance to next level if not doing well at D3

k. What is important to me may not be important to assignor in Pa


a. Film review for mostly high school & small college (D2 & D3)

b. Refs & assignors upload clips & get feedback

c. We have some guest commenters

d. B.Boroski, T.Ford, JD Collins, J.Lucke, J.Breeding, etc.

e. We categorize plays into leagues as well as types of plays

f. Some think it is better to tear refs down than to get better

g. Try to stay positive & professional

h. What we learned is many refs didn’t know the rules

i. We try to remove inaccurate info / rule analysis

j. It is a 12-month business rather than just during the bball season

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a. Must have clock awareness

b. This can be taught

c. This can set you apart from your peers

d. Create habits

e. Must be every possession

f. During dead ball, take peak

g. Certain beacons — take a peak

h. Beacons (or lines) — midcourt, baseline, FT line

i. Know time differentials

j. Stop play & put the correct time on the clock

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