3 habits to improve your play-calling w/ Ashley Moyer-Gleich

Last year I started a few new habits that really improved my play-calling when it came down to video review.

1. I watched each game 2–3 times.

The first time I watched my floor positioning. The second time was for signals. The third. time if I had a crew chief that I admired, I would look how they made reposition adjustments. I would take some of their signals and add them to my game with mirror practice. Finally, I watched how they interacted with players and coaches.

2. I created two folders.

I labeled them Development and Pro-Active. In the Development folder I would clip and save plays that I missed. These were plays I missed in games and also unusual plays as well as misapplication of rules. In the Pro-Active folder I would clip and save plays that were called correctly. These were “tough plays” and plays that were the correct rule application. I also will put in this folder when I demonstrate a strong signal , or good rotation in the Lead position.

3. Game Day- Preparation before going to the Arena.

I will spend 10- 15 minutes looking at plays from the two folders. I will start with the Development Folder and will end with the Pro-Active folder. This is a great way to prepare for a game. It makes you mentally and visually ready. It also reminds you of the items you need to work on as well as the positive reinforcement of your craft.

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In 2018, Ashley Moyer-Gleich became the 4th women in the NBA.

Here is more insight into Ashley’s film review process

When I am breaking down a game, I will go possession by possession. When there is a play to review I do the following:

1. I look at my mechanics. Do I make reposition adjustments? What do my movements look like? Am I fighting to get open angles? Am I leaving open angles? Am I walking into stacks? I observe my primary and secondary coverage areas. I observe the timing of my whistle, was it a primary whistle or cadence whistle.

2. I observe my signals. Are they sharp and am I exuding confidence. Does my signal on fouls match what happened.

3. What does my body language look like? Do I show poise?

4. If I have a no call incorrect, I ask myself was I out of position, was I looking in the right area?

5. Psychological Recovery– When I miss a play, do I go to the next play, or do I go into a “box”?

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